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The Global Zionist Movement

What We Do so You can Follow

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Pray, Sing,
Glorify Hashem
for his miracles!

No One Should be Silence

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Ascend The Mountain
of Hashem's House

House of Prayer for All Nations

Everyone Counts!

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We yearn and long for your destiny
'House of Prayer for All Nations'

We'll put your name on our heart
We'll pray for your glory
We'll dance-n-sing in thanks for the miracles you had
We'll remember you DAILY
until your thrown is back!

Study Hashem's Torah!
Learn it based on Hebrew

from religious  Jewish Scholars

Knowing our roots

Recognizing our roots,

Connecting to our roots -

Make us whole,

content and complete.

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Spread the Word

Get more people connected

You will make it Global!

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