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World Zion Day 2023

A day of unity is a day of joy

1. Learn

2. Get Festive

3. Put Zion on your heart

4. Put Zion above

5. Get ready spiritualy

6. Raise awareness

7. You are ready! At home, Outside, Yourself, Together:

For the sake of Zion
I will not be silent!

יום ירושלים.jpg

We will be singing and dancing in praise
on the streets of Jerusalem all the way to
Zion - The Mount of Hashem- God Almighty

Join the commitment!
Together The Nations can do it:
"House of prayer for All Nations"

Efraim Valvede Ministry.jpg
"Ministerios Efraim Valvede"
Salinas, California

Efraim Valverde, Senior Pastor

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